Restoration course
vintage watches Level 1
November 21st – December 2nd 2022

Week 1

Introduction workshop, machines and tooling
Tuesday – Thursday
Working on mechanical movements with confidence
Following the first time right procedure
Finding defects fast during assembly and how to solve them
Lubrication and recap of the week
Sat Visiting museum, enjoy The Netherlands!

Week 2

Monday –Tuesday
Polishing/Finishing cases, bracelets and case backs (Green coat days)
Graining (linear and circular), satinage, combining, Tips and tricks
Wed Working on Quartz-, tuning fork- and electronical movements.
Working watch crystals (mineral and acrylic), hands and dials
Recap and certificate!


Price: € 6000,- inclusive two week stay in luxury Dutch rural farmhouse!
(Breakfast/lunch/dinner not included)

Chronoglide Workshop:
Noordeinde 14, Grootschermer, The Netherlands

Truly amazing accommodation:

Training hours 10:00 – 17:00. Maximum 10 persons. 

Restore vintage watches as a professional, learn to work faster and more efficient!

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Restoration course